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Kim Amundsen


Where & When

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Date: Every Saturday

Time: 10:00-12:00

Cost: £12,50

We accept cash and card payment on the day or use the App.


As a dancer/student why should you START practecing Boris Kniaseff Floor Barre?


STRENGTHENS MUSCLES AND JOINTS - Using the floor the system, Floor Barre corrects placement, advances muscle strength & joint without the pressure of gravity.

TENSION RELEASED - A gentle and effective method that lengthens and strengthens muscle, releasing tension from neck and joints.

ALIGNMENT CORRECTED - It concentrates body alignment & improves the efficiency of muscles, allowing correction of bad structural habits.

REHABILITATES & PREVENTS INJURIES – It is an extremely safe, low impact programme traditionally adopted by professional ballet dancers during periods of injury

TONES ABDOMINAL, ARMS, HIPS AND LEGS –Through a structured, progressive Floor Barre programme, your body will naturally tone those important abdominal and hip areas



Come to the next BK Floor Barre class and see why you should START a Floor Barre programme. Classes consist of 60 mins of floor work, followed by 60 min Contemporary. This program is designed to help you use straight away what you have learnt and begin applying it in class. No previous experience of floor barre necessary

Kim has been teaching ballet and Contemporary dancers for over 12 years and uses BK Floor Barre in his professional teaching. Kim’s approach is to correct individual alignment during class, explaining why common mistakes occur and spends time to work through exercises for injuries or painful joints. He strongly recommends that if you are an adult dancer and that you want to improve your turn out, increase your flexibility and strengthen your core, then BK Floor Barre is an important step in achieving that for both an amateur and professional dancer.


Floor Barre based on Boris Kniaseff technique. 

After Boris Kniaseff graduated from dance in hometown Moskow, with the teacher Mordkin Goleizovskij, Voronezh Opera debut in 1916. With the October Revolution, he left Russia, and emigrated to Sofia, and then to Paris in 1924 . Enters the company of Colonel de Basil, and later the company Bronislava Nijinska and the Ballets des Champs-Elysees. He was ballet master for L'Opéra-Comique from 1932 to 1934, opened a dance school in 1937 and his courses at the Salle Pleyel were assiduously attended by Yvette Chauviré ,Ludmila Tcherina , Roland Petit , Zizi Jeanmaire , Brigitte Bardot and Jean Babilée. His nick name was"professor genius". He gained fame in particular to the method of teaching ballet he developed, "barre à terre" or "barre au sol" (floor barre) method which is still applied and loved in schools of dance around the world. 

I am teaching Boris Kniaseff based technique with influence of ballet moves. In this Floor Barre, the exercises are almost in the same order as a normal ballet class.The technique gives you coordination with arms and legs. It sculpts your legs with fine muscle in a healthy way. It strengthens your core to re-establish the lower and the upper part of the body. Floor Barre technique not only sculpt and refine the body, it is a holistic approach to center the mind and body.


Useful tips

Wear socks, which make sliding the feet on the floor easier. Tights or yoga type pants are also helpful to protect the skin and allow for easier sliding on the floor. And ballet shoes.












Floor Barre Coaching session&private lessons: 

Contact me:


Cost: £100 including studio hire.

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