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As a dancer/dance student why should you

START practising Boris Kniaseff Floor Barre?


Kim Amundsen dancing
Male dancer
Female dancer



Using the floor system, Floor Barre corrects placement, advances muscle strength & joint without the pressure of gravity.

A gentle and effective method that lengthens and strengthens muscle, releasing tension from neck and joints.

It concentrates body alignment & improves the efficiency of muscles, allowing correction of bad structural habits.

It is an extremely safe, low impact programme traditionally adopted by professional ballet dancers during periods of injury

Through a structured, progressive Floor Barre programme, your body will naturally tone those important abdominal and hip areas





Come to the next Floor Barre class and see why you should START a Floor Barre programme. Classes consist of 60 mins of floor work, followed by 60 mins Contemporary  where you APPLY the Floor Barre techniques and methods learnt.

Kim has been teaching adult ballet dancers for over 10 years and uses BK Floor Barre in his professional teaching. Kim’s approach is to correct individual alignment during class, explaining why common mistakes occur and spends time to work through exercises for injuries or painful joints. He strongly recommends that if you are an adult dancer and that you want to improve your turn out, increase your flexibility and strengthen your core, then BK Floor Barre is an important step in achieving that for both an amateur and professional dancer.

''Working with length & control is the best way to create long lean muscles. It's graceful, meditative & even cathartic to move in this way. Short, stunted movements can potentially make you look bulky! Moving without a sense of deep control from your core can lead to injury, So the next time you're in class, imagine expanding through your own personal space from the centre of your body, almost like a star.
This will create pathways from all your extremities & the eyes to give the illusion that you're growing through the kinesphere''. Boris kniaseff Floor Barre/ Contemporary with Kim Amundsen

The title BK Floor Barre is a special technique on the floor. It is actually inspired by the exercise of the Floor Barre on standing feet, the first part of the ballet class. The exercises will be done on the back, stomach, and also on the side. They could start in sitting position first continue on the stomach and back.

I am teaching Boris Kniaseff based technique with influence of ballet moves. In this BK Floor Barre, the exercises are almost in the same order as a normal ballet class.

The technique gives you coordination with arms and legs. It sculpts your legs with fine muscle in a healthy way.

It strengthens your core to re-establish the lower and the upper part of the body.

BK Floor Barre technique not only sculpt and refine the body, it is a holistic approach to center the mind and body.


Useful tips

Wear socks, which make sliding the feet on the floor easier. Tights or yoga type pants are also helpful to protect the skin and allow for easier sliding on the floor. And Ballet shoes.




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